“We are just drifting along right now, waiting on events.”

I was watching NBR (Nightly Business Report) on PBS today and the above was what John Harwood told Tyler Mathisen one Republican member of Congress had told him when talking about the sequestration’s effect on airtravel and what, if anything they were going to do about avoiding that and other cuts that affect the public and the economy in unacceptable and adverse ways.

Is this really who you want to represent you in the U.S. Congress? Myself, I would certainly not vote for this person again, “Just drifting along…”, no thanks just go back home for good and do your drifting along right there, the traveling public can’t really take any “Just drifting along” delays in addition to the already trying delays when traveling.

Members of Congress: Please stop “Just drifting along…” and fix these things, come to an agreement on the whole sequestration once and for all and stop this madness before more damage is done!


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