Yucatan Pink Flamingos

In the Yucatan State in Mexico lies the city of Celestun, it is surrounded by mangroves and in the open waters surrounding the mangroves you can find the Pink Flamingos.

Pink Flamingos
Pink Flamingos

The Pink Flamingos in Celestun are Pink because of their diet which is high in pigments from alpha and beta carotenoid. The richest sources of these elements come from algae and different invertebrates that the constantly feeding Flamingos ingest.

Black vultures Coragyps atratus

This area is home to as many as 300 different bird species.

A fisherman

It is not only the Flamingos that are getting their food out of the bays and the mangroves in the area. The area is full of crab tines that provide for the fishermen and their families.

I believe this is a blue crab Callinectes sapidus or in Spanish called Jaiba azul.

This is one popular catch in the area, and the crabs provide sustenance for many families in this part of Yucatan.

I think this is a Juvenile Double crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus.
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