VeniceBall – Venice Basketball on today at 12 Noon

VeniceBall on Sunday June 18
VeniceBall on Sunday June 18

VeniceBall holds games today Sunday June 25 at the Blue courts off Ocean Front Walk in Venice. Find out more by following this link !

Come check it out – these guys do good work and we need this in our community, the kids are the future. Here is a short summary of what they are all about (from the VeniceBall website):

Welcome to VeniceBall, “Game Never Stops”.


VeniceBall Basketball Courts ( Blue courts)
1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, CA  90291

Who We Are:

The Venice Basketball league is celebrating it’s 11th year in the making

We strive to” unite, showcase and inspire”.

Founded in 2006 by some of Los Angeles trendsetters the Venice Basketball League (“VBL”) was born as a community tournament on the legendary courts of Venice Beach.

It is now one of the most publicized summer league in the world.

Happening at LA’ s #1 tourist attraction, 10,000+ spectators witness daily entertainment and 100 million tune in throughout the summer as we unite everyone around the show.

What We Do:

The Venice Basketball League consists of 12 invitational teams.  VBL hoops combined with the sounds of the best DJ’s bring a combination of entertainment-style play and most physical action with No free throws.  We follow a structured team agenda and evolved from its humble beginnings in 2007 into a “reputable roster compiled with the highest of standards in ethics and talent.”

Here are some pictures from setup the past two weekends:

Getting ready for VeniceBall Sunday June 25
Getting ready for VeniceBall Sunday June 25
VeniceBall June 18 2017
VeniceBall June 18 2017