Mom abdicates, Willem-Alexander becomes king.


The news in Europe today has been somewhat dominated by the enthroning of the first king in the Netherlands since 1890 after his mother Queen Beatrix abdicated today. The ceremony is being broadcast on many television stations throughout Europe. In Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam the ceremony is now underway to enthrone the new king and celebrations were ongoing in Amsterdam and other parts of the country. Many people were wearing orange colored pieces of clothing since this is the color of the house of Oranje, the current ruling dynasty’s color. One can certainly discuss the merits of having the monarchy system in these times, it clearly seems out of  the times to me, thoough this particular and many other Royal families still have a wide support among their “subjects”. The ceremony was not a crowning of the new king, but just an enthroning because the Netherlands does not crown their kings. The new king wants to be known as “a man of the people” and has said that people do not need to address him in any certain manner (your royal highness) but can call him by his name if they want to.