United Airlines under Jeff Smisek wants you to hold it in a vee bit longer….

United Airlines Bathroom Line 777 Economy/Economy plus
United Airlines Restroom Line 777 Economy/Economy plus 4 restrooms/221 passengers

The recent flight from LA to London I was on was a Boeing 777 carrying 221 passengers in Economy class.
Jeff Smisek seems to think that passengers have no right to a bathroom when they need it, rather they should hold it in until one is available – and given the 4 restrooms available to those 221 passengers (that’s 55 and 1/4 passengers/restroom) that might just take a while when the rush is on.

I was unfortunate enough to be seated in a seat just next to the restrooms and I saw first hand how some passengers had problems with ‘holding it in’ as evidenced by crossed legs etc. I had my feet stepped on several times – not a very pleasant experience – I would suggest that you, Mr. Smisek get on one of these flights and be seated in seat 33H to see for himself!

I think United airlines is headed for trouble – I constantly get the response “No one listens to us’ from the flight crews when I try and point out problems and areas that can be improved to them so that they may forward it up the chain. It is my impression that this chain is severely broken at Unite. The general feeling after the merger with Continental and the new ‘bean counter’ policies enacted my master bean counter Smisek, is one of total resignation amongst the front line personnel.  I don’t blame them – if you feel that your voice is never heard – that’s not an unusual or strange reaction to have.

The shareholders may be happy at the moment – but sooner or later one would think that the constant ‘over-promising’ and ‘under-delivering’ for us customers will take a toll on the bottom line. I have been a loyal frequent flier in United’s mileage plus for many years, lately I have seen my benefits eroded by mr Smisek’s new policies. Despite the constant advertising campaigns telling us how much better it was going to be after the merger, it’s only been going downhill. Those advertising campaigns now seems more like the style of advertising and sales tactics employed by the worst of the worst used car sales companies. It may just be time to look elsewhere for better frequent flier programs and an airline that actually cares about and listens to their customers.

– It’s definitely time to wisen up Mr. Smisek and it’s time for United to start treating your loyal customers right again!