Jamzilla – coming to a freeway near you tomorrow night

Tomorrow night 2/13/2014 at around 10PM and all the way through to Tuesday 2/18/2014 the Northbound lanes of the 405 Freeway in West LA will have a restricted number of lanes open and at times all lanes will be closed.

This means that the closure/restricted lane openings will last for about 80 hrs. Caltrans recommend motorists stay away from this stretch of the 405 during this time.  During the day two northbound lanes are supposed to be open, but nighttime all lanes will be closed. There are also on/off ramp closures on the stretch of 405 between sunset Blvd and the 405/101 Freeway interchange in the Valley.

This is part of the improvement project that will add carpool lanes to the heavily trafficked freeway.