News-gathering or Nuis-ance?

Helicopter hovering
Helicopter over Culver City

When is news gathering with helicopters a nuisance to the community? All day today starting in the morning helicopters have been hovering over the scene at Overland Avenue and Washington Boulevard where police discovered some “bomb material” after a traffic stop last night.

The question I would like to pose is “How much having the helicopters hovering over the scene really adds to the coverage”?  I would think that the news crews on the ground have a better chance of finding out what is going on. I suppose they might just be waiting for “things to blow up”.

– Well I hope they have to wait infinitely for that, but I also want them gone – it’s at this point a real nuisance. What are the FAA rules on this? Maybe they need updating? We all want to find out what’s going on in our neighborhood, but how much are we willing to “pay” for this likely not very valuable or informative “knowledge” in noise pollution?


Air full of Choppers

News -helicopter hovering over Culver City on Wednesday 5/15
News -helicopter hovering over Culver City on Wednesday

The air was full of news helicopters hovering over a building on Overland Avenue in Culver City today. It apparently started with a traffic stop last night at which some suspect materials was found in the car, this led the police to the apartment building on Overland Avenue between Venice and Washington where “explosive devices” were found. Overland was closed between Venice and Washington and the nearby buildings and the strip mall across the street were being evacuated.

Fords, Chevys, a Ferrari, a Gaz 69 and many other cars on display Saturday in Culver City.

George Barris created the original Bat-mobile for the Batman TV series. Here is a Bat-limo that was on display in downtown Culver City on Saturday.

George Barris Cruisin’ Back to the 50’s Culver City Car Show was on this past Saturday May 11 2013 in downtown Culver City. The crowds came out as the weather was near perfect California weather with sunshine and though it was warm for the season it was quite nice and not too hot. On display were many great cars and restorations, but as shown below, sometimes it might be best to just leave things alone and let age and wear show – the result can still be extremely eye-pleasing!

An unrestored or what looks to be an unrestored car showing wear and rust.
Left unrestored or restored to look like it was left alone? Great looking car is the end result.
Another angle of the unrestored car.
Another angle of this beauty.,

To me the below ferrari seemed slightly out of place, it’s not a ‘cruising’ car or a 50’s car, but they are classics so…

Black Ferrari

Another odd one out was definitely the USSR Military Vehicle on display. It was a Gaz 69, more or less what we would call a Jeep copy.

Gaz 69 USSR Military Vehicle, Jeep copy.
Gaz 69 USSR Military Vehicle.
Classic roadster paint job on a Ford
Classic roadster paint-job on this Ford
Pontiac Low Rider
Pontiac Low Rider
Surrounding streets were also filled with classics, here a 50's Corvette convertible.
Surrounding streets were also filled with classics, here a 50’s Corvette convertible.