First rain today

Rain on the windshields today in LA
Rain on the windshields today in LA

We had our first real rain of the season today and the traffic was as usual affected. A freeway closure because of debris in storm-drains resulting in  a mudslide only signified the usual surprise when the rain actually arrives in a place that gets around 15 or 16 inches of rain in a year. Traffic was slower than usual, which is probably a good thing because people here are just not very good drivers to begin with and it seems that too many people don’t know or don’t respect the rules of the road to begin with. It was a fat moving storm that arrived late morning and by the time I write this early evening it  is already moving out and we can start drying up, I don’t think we got that much out of it, but – hey we need all the rainfall we can get so let’s be thankful.




“This is nuts – absolutely nuts”

Those were the words of a WWII veteran in regards to the government shutdown. I think the observation is dead on – it is absolutely nuts. How in the world can the Republican party allow a small fraction of the party to wield such influence in trying to undo what elections and supreme court has already made and confirmed into law? It just defeats common sense how anyone could attempt to deny healthcare to the people of the country and feel good about it.

The New South Concourse at Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX begins operation

The new South Concourse of the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX. Copyrigth 2010 Fentress Architects/Los Angles World Airports
The new South Concourse of the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX. Copyrigth 2010 Fentress Architects/Los Angeles World Airports

The newly built South Concourse at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) opened for service today, with Mayor Eric Garcetti and previous Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa among others present. The Architecture looks interesting from the outside and the roofline is meant to invoke breaking waves against the shores of the Pacific Ocean, that lies just west of the airport, in our minds. The new concourse is also ready to handle “Group 6” aircraft which includes the Airbus A380 double decked aircraft which is currently the biggest passenger jet as measured both by number of passengers and in size.

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In the Freezer of the Target store

I heard the story on CNN about this guy in Oklahoma who was listening to the meteorologist on the radio and heeded the warning to get under ground so he drove from his store at the mall that presumably had no underground shelter to the nearby Target store and rode the Tornado out in the freezer of the store. Apparently it is hard and expensive to build underground shelters so not everyone has them. My heart goes out to the victims of this horrific event.

Let’s take another look at Global Warming – Al Gore, are you on it?